Analogue Nt: v2.25 & v3.01 (beta) Firmware Updates (HDMI only)

To update your Analogue Nt with v2.25 firmware, you can find the update files and instructions here. v2.25 firmware is a minor update. See the change log here.  

Please follow the instructions carefully to avoid bricking your system.

Please contact us directly if you need any help. 

v3.01 (beta) change log

* Audio DC level restoration to fix some monitors that'd be silent or have other weird audio volume issues
* FDS channel redone for accuracy
* DPCM fixed to allow retriggering
* Address bus filtering fix / graphical/palette glitches
* PAL pixel capturing fixed
* 4 new palettes added Firebrand X NTSC, Firebrand X PVM D93, RGBSOURCE Hybrid, RGBSOURCE NESCAP
* Removed interpolation and associated menu (not enough room)

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