Nt mini vs Analogue Nt

We designed the Analogue Nt mini based on the customer feedback from the original Nt. These are the differences between the original Nt and the Nt mini.

The beginning: a reference quality video game system.

The Analogue Nt mini is the beginning of a kind of product we've always strived to make. It is a reference quality video game system. It is compatible with every single NES, Famicom, and Famicom Disk System game ever made. It is compatible with the original NES and Famicom accessories. It outputs the highest quality HDMI and Analog video and audio, all in one unit, lag free. It is compatible with NTSC and PAL games. It supports all the little features from expansion audio, Famicom microphone circuit games, to the NES Zapper (analog video only). There is no piece from this part of Nintendo's history that you cannot experience with the Nt mini.

HD and Analog video outputs all in one. No more upgrades. 

We listened to your feedback and we redesigned the entire Nt motherboard to feature HDMI and Analog video output all in one unit. This was unfortunately not possible in the original Nt. With a redesign of the motherboard, the Nt mini now outputs 1080p/720p/480p digitally via HDMI (lag free), and RGB, Component, S-video and composite Analog video via a VGA port. We designed the analog output with a standard VGA to Analog video pinout so you can use off the shelf cables now. 

Optimized cartridge slots and dust flaps.

The cartridge and dust flaps have been further optimized to be as "collector friendly" as possible. We know there are quite a few customers who do not want their games touching anything but their hands and their shelf. The redesign consists of a few things:

1. Every piece of the cartridge slot, from the exterior of the slot, the interior of the slot and the dust flap itself has a CNC'd round over. No sharp edges. 

2. We've optimized the cartridge slot size and shape with minor refinements. 

Designed around an FPGA. 

Our lead electrical engineer, Kevin "kevtris" Horton is second to none when it comes to knowledge of the NES. We're fortunate to have such a brilliant team member like Kevin working on the Nt mini. He spent over 5000 hours developing the FPGA core for the Analogue Nt mini. It would be an understatement to say we are dedicated to perfection. We've run thousands of games (original games, homebrews, repros, hacks etc) through the Nt mini with zero problems. You can expect perfect compatibility. 

Optimized EverDrive compatibility. 

The Analogue Nt mini is compatible with both versions of the EverDrive, the NES N8 and the Famicom N8 and it is compatible with the PowerPak. We are able to offer optimized flash cart support with the Nt mini due to having complete control over the hardware (FPGA). Rest assured, your EverDrive (either version) will be compatible. 

Technical specifications and features.

See below for the Nt mini's technical specifications and feature list. 

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