Super Nt: Firmware Update v4.1

Please upgrade your Super Nt to the latest firmware for the best possible experience. 
You will need a small SD card to upgrade the firmware on your Super Nt. 

v4.1 notes:

- Fixed issues with certain games reading controllers incorrectly (Star Fox 2 and others) 
- Earthworm Jim 2 PAL audio fixed (must run game in fully buffered or single buffer)
- Enabled PAL zero delay buffer mode

v4.0 notes:

- Fixes an issue with Mega Lo Mania

v3.9 notes:

- Fixed several formatting issues/optimized
- Added 8:7 mode as default
- Changed 'system region' to 'hardware'
- Added 'launch system timing' section- fixes issues with some Game Genie variants
- Added slider for LED brightness
- Fixed various small bugs

How to update the firmware on your Super Nt

1. Download "snt_firmware_ver1.x.bin" attached on this page. Unzip the file if needed.
2. Format an SD card to FAT32. 
3. Copy "snt_firmware_ver1.x.bin" onto the SD card. No other files can be on the SD card except for the firmware .bin file. 
5. Power your Super Nt off.
6. Insert the SD card into your Super Nt SD card slot. 
7. Power your Super Nt on. 
8. Your Super Nt will automatically begin to update. The updating process will be represented by the Power LED on the front of your Super Nt rapidly blinking. 
9. This will take 3-4 minutes. Do not power down your Super Nt during this process or disturb the unit in any way. 
10. When your Super Nt is finished updating, the unit will auto re-boot and the LED's color will turn back into it's normal mode (white). 
11. Your Super Nt has now been updated. 

Please note:

- When you update your Super Nt's firmware it will reset all of your system settings.

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