Super Nt: Firmware Update v5.0

Please upgrade your Super Nt to the latest firmware for the best possible experience. 
You will need a small SD card to upgrade the firmware on your Super Nt. 

v5.0 notes:

- Added SPD HDMI packet to identify as "Super Nt"
- Added Dejitter checkbox added to suppress the shorter scanline every other frame
- Added option to press start to skip the bootup sequence
- Fixed video settings (scanlines, etc) not applying when running games
- Fixed non-visble top scanline in HDMI
- Fixed non-centered picture when horizontal/vertical position sliders are centered
- Fixed Final Fantasy III (US)/Final Fantasy VI (Japan) graphics corruption bug
- Fixed Final Fantasy V graphics bug
- Fixed Bahamut Lagoon graphics bug

v4.9 notes:

- Added DAC compatibility (required for DAC)
- Added user font loading
- Added RGB sliders for standby color
- Added SPC player
- Fixed top missing scanline bug
- Added new scanline system
- L/R audio input bug fix
- Fixed "you cannot use a mouse with this game" on Panic Bomber World
- Fixed Star Wars pausing bug
- Many small fixes and changes

v4.7 notes:

- fixes gameboy audio bug
- no other changes

v4.6 notes:

- Added Ghostly Limited Edition firmware fork. If you install this firmware on your Ghostly LE unit, it will be the Ghostly version firmware. If you install this firmware on any non Limited Edition unit, it will install the regular firmware. 
- no other changes

v4.5 notes:

- Fixed Rendering Ranger R2 / Targa.
- Fixed Unholy Night crash/graphics issue.
- Fixed an issue with Marvelous: Another Treasure Island works now without graphic glitches.
- Fixed a rare issue with Chrono Trigger crashing on entering save menu.
- Fixed Flashback’s audio buzz when entering inventory.
- Fixed Arabian Nights audio feedback issue.
- Fixed Tiny Toons Buster Busts Loose audio crash
- Fixed Batman Returns audio crash
- Fixed the RGB value -1 fix again to remove vertical zebra stripes.
- Changed wording of the checkbox in the cheat codes. It now says “enable checked codes” to reduce confusion.
- Changed “tools” menu to “cheat codes”.
- Added a “disable hotkeys” feature under hot keys. This lets you disable all hotkeys and controller auto polling until power is cycled.
- Fixed “menu bounce” setting so it shows up again.
- Added debugger under “hardware” menu (probably not the most useful for most people but I use it a lot so someone developing a game might find it useful).

v4.4 notes:

- Cheat codes tool added. It’s under “settings” “tools” “cheat codes”. You can enter up to 6 codes. Entering the cheat menu will disable codes (so you can enter them, change them, etc. without crashing the game) and exiting it will enable codes if they are enabled via the check boxes.
- Soft reset vs. hard reset added. When a cart is started via the menu, a hard reset (clearing RAM) happens. Pressing reset after this causes a soft reset (RAM contents unchanged).
- Holding reset on powerup will force 480p mode. This should fix the issue people were having with non-detection of EDID leading to blank screens. Once booted, you can attempt to change modes to a higher one (i.e. 720p).
- Added ability to step through heights in 0.5x steps (ie. 4x, 4.5x, 5x) in the width+height menu by pressing start.
- RGB off by 1 is fixed.
- NTT Data compatibility mode added under “hardware”. Turning this on will nerf the NTT data pad so that it appears to the system like a stock controller. This lets it be used on the super gameboy, street racer, starfox 2, etc. There are many games that are incompatible with it in weird ways like monopoly. Using one will cause the chance/chest cards to instantly skip.
- Samurai Shodown/Spirits - Fixed. HDMA happening during a DMA causing issues at the start.
- Twistit - Fixed. HDMA during DMA causing issues.
- Monopoly - Fixed. Game gets stuck on chance/chest animation.
- Chou Aniki - Fixed. Shadow not updated before the interrupt happens and thus no more interrupts occur and the game wedged on a black screen.

v4.3 notes:

-Fixed RGB/color issues
-Fixed Front Mission - Gun Hazard. This game did mid-frame HDMA enables and disables. 
-Fixed Ninja Warriors
-Re-fixed the Mecha-robot Golf fix, this should fix several random crashes
-Fixed Uniracers 2 player mode, where player 2 hovered above the track
-Added individual RGB gamma sliders
-Added "straight through" RGB when not using HQX scalers; this should fix the RGB issues some have had. These are under the "scanlines" menu
-Linearized the brightness steps for the overall screen brightness (PPU reg 2100 bits 0-3)
-Added limited RGB mode checkbox. This is under the "scalers" menu. Also now outputting "underscan" flags, and "IT content" flags which should force some monitors/TVs to disable overscan, and any filtering/processing (IT mode).
-Super Powerpak fixed - check "use launch system timing" box under the hardware menu when using

v4.1 notes:

- Fixed issues with certain games reading controllers incorrectly (Star Fox 2 and others) 
- Earthworm Jim 2 PAL audio fixed (must run game in fully buffered or single buffer)
- Enabled PAL zero delay buffer mode

v4.0 notes:

- Fixes an issue with Mega Lo Mania

v3.9 notes:

- Fixed several formatting issues/optimized
- Added 8:7 mode as default
- Changed 'system region' to 'hardware'
- Added 'launch system timing' section- fixes issues with some Game Genie variants
- Added slider for LED brightness
- Fixed various small bugs

How to update the firmware on your Super Nt

1. Download "snt_firmware_ver1.x.bin" attached on this page. Unzip the file if needed.
2. Format an SD card to FAT32. 
3. Copy "snt_firmware_ver1.x.bin" onto the SD card. No other files can be on the SD card except for the firmware .bin file. 
5. Power your Super Nt off.
6. Insert the SD card into your Super Nt SD card slot. 
7. Power your Super Nt on. 
8. Your Super Nt will automatically begin to update. The updating process will be represented by the Power LED on the front of your Super Nt rapidly blinking. 
9. This will take 3-4 minutes. Do not power down your Super Nt during this process or disturb the unit in any way. 
10. When your Super Nt is finished updating, the unit will auto re-boot and the LED's color will turn back into it's normal mode (white). 
11. Your Super Nt has now been updated. 

Please note:

- Legacy firmware versions included below. When updating firmware, we suggest using the latest firmware. You do not have to update your firmware in order, simply update with the latest firmware file below.
- When you update your Super Nt's firmware it will reset all of your system settings.

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