Super Nt Now Shipping - 3/8/18 Update

March 8th Shipping Update-

• Shipments have been going out steadily every day and it's looking like all orders should be shipped by Thursday. We will continue to update if this changes. Thanks for your patience. 

March 1st Shipping Update-

• Pre-orders from round 2 have begun shipping on March 1st. All orders will be shipped within the next few business days. We're getting orders shipped out as fast as we can and we appreciate your patience. An email with a tracking # will be sent to you when your order ships out.

We understand everyone is excited to get their new Super Nt's, but please note that sending us repeated emails via customer support asking when your order will ship will not make your order move any faster. We're very excited to get your new Super Nt in your hands and it'll be shipped out very soon. Thank you!

Feb 9th Shipping Update-

Firstly, all Super Nt pre-orders from 10/16/17 - 2/5/18 have shipped and all tracking numbers have been emailed.

• We are currently experiencing some technical issues with our shipping partner. Many tracking numbers/confirmation emails have not been received by many of you. We are currently manually fulfilling each order one by one to assure you receive your tracking numbers. We expect to have all emails sent within the next 24-36 hours. Please bear with us while we do this. *all tracking numbers have now been emailed*

• Some international orders we're shipped out via UPS instead of DHL. Our shipping partner's system automatically did this when certain addresses were rejected for some reason or another. We don't have any more information than that, but we're frustrated about it too. We apologize for this and in the event you paid for 2-day or anything above regular DHL Express, we will of course refund you the difference. Please contact us at and we will help.

• If you received an email saying your order couldn't be delivered...this was a technical error from our shipping partner while trying to fix the tracking # issue, again- we apologize for this. If you have received your tracking number, please use your direct tracking number at or to accurately see where it is in transit. 

The important thing to note is that all orders have shipped and are safely in transit to you. The main issue is related to tracking numbers automatically being sent by our shipping partners system. This is our first time working with this shipping partner and we'll make sure this doesn't happen again. In the meantime, we're working hard to get these issues resolved and we appreciate everyone's patience, please bear with us. 

1st round of pre-orders (opened 10/16/17)

All pre-orders placed before Feb 5th are shipping on Feb 6th. A tracking # will be emailed to you when your order has been shipped. We ship UPS domestically and DHL internationally. 

2nd round of pre-orders (opened 2/6/18)

All pre-orders placed after Feb 5th are shipping on March 1st. 

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