Mega Sg: Firmware Update v4.8

How to update the firmware on your Mega Sg

1. Download "msg_firmware_verX.X.bin" attached on this page. Unzip the file if needed.
2. Format an SD card to FAT32. 
3. Copy"msg_firmware_verX.X.bin" onto the SD card. No other files can be on the SD card except for the firmware .bin file. 
5. Power your Mega Sg off.
6. Insert the SD card into your Mega Sg SD card slot. 
7. Power your Mega Sg on. 
8. Your Mega Sg will automatically begin to update. The updating process will be represented by the Power LED on the front of your Mega Sg rapidly blinking. 
9. This will take 3-4 minutes. Do not power down your Mega Sg during this process or disturb the unit in any way. 
10. When your Mega Sg is finished updating, the unit will auto re-boot and the LED's color will turn back into it's normal mode (white). 
11. Your Mega Sg has now been updated. 

TROUBLESHOOTING updating your firmware
If you are having any trouble updating your firmware, please try ALL of these steps until your firmware can be updated successfully. 

1. Re-download the latest firmware update below (the one you downloaded could be corrupted)
2. Re-format your SD card to FAT32.  
3. If neither of these work, try another SD card AND another SD card formatting tool and repeat steps 1-2.
4. If firmware updating will sill not work, try downloading the latest firmware update from another browser or computer. Make sure you are using FAT32 specifically as the formatting option and not an alternative FAT formatting.
5. *IMPORTANT* Some SD cards have difficulty making contact if they are not inserted carefully, depending on the brand. Try inserting your SD card 3/4 of the way and powering on, 4/5 powering on, etc. Until it registers and updates your system.

Firmware update notes

v4.8 notes:

- Added blurring for the entire screen - enable dither blending and set blending depth to maximum
- Added SPD HDMI packet to identify as 'Mega sg"
- Added timing sliders for Sega CD
- Added horizontal position slider for DAC/analog output
- Added SMS Model 1 reset by pressing X, Y, and Z at the same time on a 6 button controller
- Fixed non-visble top scanline in HDMI
- Fixed graphical corruption in Paprium
- Fixed six button controller reading for Ultracore, Paprium and other games
- Fixed cartridge adapters failing to work properly if startup is set to "Cartridge Direct"
- Fixed Spider Man: Web of Fire 32x cartridge not working
- Fixed non-centered picture when horizontal/vertical position sliders are centered
- Fixed Z80 inability to write to the cartridge bus
- Fixed timing bug reported by krikzz

v4.7 notes:

- 32X support added in DAC mode
- Cartridge/CD audio selection fixed. Checking 'enable cartridge and CD audio' will work now regardless of the 'automatic' setting checkbox.
- 32X is detected and will enable audio by default.
- Chuck Rock CD is now working.
- Many CD fixes- NHL 94, Willy Beamish, and other games now work.
- Zesenilia demo text fixed.
- Turbo Outrun graphics seem to be fixed.
- Audio pitch shifting on some games in zero delay mode fixed.
- Support for cartridge adapters added.
- Game Gear adapter supports the tuner now.

v4.6 notes:

- Added DAC compatibility (required for DAC)
- Adjusted boot audio level
- Fixed left side green line when HQX scalers active
- Bubble Bobble SMS fixed

v4.5 notes:

- Player 2 controller can run the menu if it is a 3 or 6 button controller, and player 1 controller is not a 3 or 6 button controller.
- Different size font files are supported. If the file is 1K or larger, the first 32 characters are cut off.
- DVI Mode was added.
- Fixed scaler bug where the top scanline or two might not be visible.
- Scanlines have been totally redone. There are now more options to tweak and width is now adjustable.

- fixed CD games that regressed in previous fw
- Some graphic issues on Mickey Mania CD and others fixed.
- Fixed bugs with Japanese Sega CDs.
- Silpheed and Vay bugs fixed.
- Popful Mail "CPU ERROR" fixed.
- CD bus timing improvements.
- Pier Solar cartridge + audio CD works and tested on US model 1, US model 2, and Japanese CD units.
- Added an option to automatically enable CD audio when CD unit plugged in.
- Fixed FM sound bug on Streets of Rage percussion on certain tracks.
- Fixed PSG sound bug (Phantasy Star IV).
- CRAM dots option added.
- X-Men 2 random character select on start is now random.

- SMS Cropping setting added to crop the left side when a game used left cut.
- Fixed PSG sound bug (Alex Kidd in Miracle World).
- CRAM dots option added.
- VDP palette option added to select SMS or original TMS9918a palette for video modes 0-3.
- All 240 scanlines are now visible. Before, only 239 were visible.

v4.4 notes:

- Sega CD - adjusted timing for several games, i.e. Micky Mania
- Overdrive 2 demo border cropping fix
- X-men 2 character select fixed
- Fixed player 2 XYZ (6 buttons) bug
- Allow no controller on player 2
- SMS fixes for X7 and flash everdrive
- You now stay in the file browser when selecting a font
- Changed "hotkeys" to "hotkeys & controllers"

v4.3 notes:

- User loaded fonts are now saved on power cycle
- Ultracore bug with SMS mode fixed
- Added separate H interpolation checkboxes for genesis
- Added fixed LED colour option via RGB sliders
- Defaults for PSG/CD audio levels adjusted
- If you use a 3 button controller in non-passthru mode, it will look like 3 to the game
- Ladder effect now affects both channels equally
- Skin change for EU cart
- Ladder effect now works in low/high quality modes
- If a CD unit is plugged in, SMS works properly now
- If pass-thru is checked, it will enable when exiting menu in all ways
- Slightly adjusted filter response

v4.2 notes:

- changed Genesis PSG default panning to mono

v4.1 notes:

- all SMS channels are now mono
- Turned FM on by default for SMS
- Moved filter enable to filter dialogue
- Defaulted all channels to on for genesis
- Set default cutoff/rolloff to something that is audible when filter is enabled
- Optimized filter selection

v4.0 notes:

- refined some cropping & border settings
- added more sophisticated audio controls & filter options
- misc small menu bug fixes

v3.8 notes:

- Release firmware

Please note:

- Legacy firmware versions included below. When updating firmware, we suggest using the latest firmware. You do not have to update your firmware in order, simply update with the latest firmware file below.
- When you update your Mega Sg's firmware it will reset all of your system settings.

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