Analog Video Cables for Analogue DAC

We recommend cost effective cables sold by Monoprice. Here is a list of compatible cables and links where you may purchase them:

 Composite & S-video Cables

Monoprice VGA to S-Video/RCA (Composite) Adapter Cable

Component Video Cables

—  Monoprice 12ft VGA to 3 RCA Component Video Cable
—  Monoprice 6ft VGA to 3 RCA Component Video Cable (HD15 – 3-RCA)
—  Monoprice 6in VGA to 3x RCA Component Video Cable (HD15 to 3x RCA)

RGB Video – BNC Connectors Cables

—  Monoprice VGA HD-15 to 5 BNC RGB Video Cable for HDTV Monitor cable - 6FT
—  Monoprice VGA HD15 Male to 5x BNC Female Adapter Cable - 1ft

Making your own Analog cables for DAC

If you would like to make your own Analog cables for DAC, you can do so by following the pinout and instructions found here. Nt mini and DAC have the same pinout, so you can use the same cables for both. 

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