Analogue Dock FAQ

What controllers can I pair with Dock?

Dock is compatible with 8BitDo controllers. Bluetooth, 2.4g and wired USB controllers will work with Dock. We plan to bring more controller support in the future.

How do you connect Bluetooth / 2.4g / wired controllers to Dock?

All controllers can be paired through Pocket’s user interface wireless or via USB.

Can I charge other products with Dock?

Dock is designed for Analogue Pocket only.

Can I use Pocket's USB-C for HDMI output with an adapter / without using Dock?

Analogue Dock is the only way to output HDMI from Pocket. Pocket cannot output HDMI with any 3rd party product or adapter.

Can I play multiplayer handheld (GB/GBC/GBA/NGPC/LYNX) games on Dock?

Pocket can only play single player GB/GBC/GBA/NGPC/LYNX games on Dock. You cannot connect two Docks or connect another Pocket to your docked Pocket to play multiplayer games. Dock is designed for single player GB/GBC/GBA/NGPC/LYNX games and has Multiplayer capabilities with any FPGA cores or functionality designed by 3rd party developers.

Can I connect Pocket to Dock with an extension cable?

No. Pocket must be plugged directly into Dock.

Can I connect a link cable to Pocket while using Dock?

Pocket cannot be linked to another Pocket while Docked. 

Can I use Dock with non-Analogue products?

No. Dock is designed for Analogue products only.

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