Nt mini Noir: Firmware Update v1.2

Please upgrade your Nt mini Noir to the latest firmware for the best possible experience. 
You will need a small SD card to upgrade the firmware on your Nt mini Noir. 

v1.2 notes:

- Added SPD HDMI Packet to identify console as "Nt Mini Noir"
- Added ability to decrement letters with cheat code input by pressing select
- Replaced Firebrandx palette with the latest one ("Smooth_-_Balanced_Greys_FBX")
- Fixed FDS RAM Adapter, Super Mario Bros. and many other games exhibiting graphics issues when cartridges were being used
- Fixed non-centered picture when horizontal/vertical position sliders are centered
- Replaced scaling defaults with more useful values.
- Fixed Trojan audio channels cutting off early
- Fixed Sunsoft 5B audio implementation
- Fixed Battletoads and Double Dragon player 2 selection box moving on its own
- Fixed games (i.e. Kickmaster) with mappers that used A12 for scanline counts had jittering graphics in 16 sprite mode
- Fixed Maniac Mansion's intermitent flickering top line
- Fixed Eggerland - Meikyuu no Fukkatsu and Egger Land - Souzou e no Tabidachi's popping square channel

v1.1 notes:

- Added Controller test to Tools Menu
- Fixed L/R reverse on RCA jacks
- Reduced default expansion audio level for better balance with internal audio.
- Passthrough mode can now be cancelled by tapping reset twice.
- Fixed filter cutoff display bug
- Fixed VRC6 register swap function. Use both VRC6 and VRC6 Swap for Madara and Esper Dream 2 and just VRC6 for Akumajou Densetsu
- Fixed Vice Project Doom / Gun-Dec starting in debug mode with second controller plugged in
- Fixed FDS Audio channel imbalance when panning sliders are centered
- Fixed small FDS channel bug
- Fixed popping square wave audio in Egger Land - Souzou e no Tabidachi and Eggerland - Meikyuu no Fukkatsu
- Fixed DPCM corruption bug for PAL and Dendy Modes
- Fixed MMC5 Castlevania III PAL cartridge functionality
- Fixed Dendy mode for EverDrives and Cartridges
- Fixed Dendy mode NMI flag

How to update your Nt mini Noir firmware

1. Download "ntmv2_firmware_verX.X.bin" attached on this page. Unzip the file if needed.
2. Format an SD card to FAT32.
3. Copy "ntmv2_firmware_verX.X.bin" onto the root of the SD card. Only one firmware file can be in the root of the SD card, otherwise the firmware update will not happen.
5. Power your Nt Mini Noir off.
6. Insert the SD card into your Nt Mini Noir SD card slot.
7. Power your Nt Mini Noir on.
8. Your Nt Mini Noir will automatically begin to update. The updating process will be represented by the Power LED on the front of your Nt Mini Noir rapidly blinking.
9. This will take 3-4 minutes. Do not power down your Nt Mini Noir during this process or disturb the unit in any way.
10. When your Nt Mini Noir is finished updating, the unit will auto re-boot and the LED's color will turn back into it's normal mode (white).
11. Your Nt Mini Noir has now been updated.

TROUBLESHOOTING updating your firmware
If you are having any trouble updating your firmware, please try ALL of these steps until your firmware can be updated successfully.

1. Re-download the latest firmware update below (the one you downloaded could be corrupted)
2. Re-format your SD card to FAT32.
3. If neither of these work, try another SD card AND another SD card formatting tool and repeat steps 1-2.
4. If firmware updating will sill not work, try downloading the latest firmware update from another browser or computer. Make sure you are using FAT32 specifically as the formatting option and not an alternative FAT formatting.
5. *IMPORTANT* Some SD cards have difficulty making contact if they are not inserted carefully, depending on the brand. Try inserting your SD card 3/4 of the way and powering on, 4/5 powering on, etc. Until it registers and updates your system.

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